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3 more races in Ialisos/Rhodes - Micah Buzianis takes the lead

Download the results from day 2

Ialisos/Rhodes, June 8th 2005.
The second day of the Formula Windsurfing European Championships brought three more races for each group of the men and two for the women. The reigning Formula Windsurfing World Champion Micah Buzianis (USA-34, F2, North Sails) fulfilled his role as favourite and took the lead. On his heals followed the current Formula Windsurfing European Champion Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10, Starboard, Neil Pryde) in front of last years Rhodes winner Ross Williams (GBR-83, Starboard, Gaastra). In the women's fleet Allison Shreeve (AUS-911, F2, Neil Pryde) stumbled for the first time.

Today the wind was stronger then on the first day with gusts reaching up to over 20 knots. From 15:00 to 19:30 the 123 competitors from 26 different countries presented great races directly in front of the spectators at the beach of the Forum Hotel in Ialisos.

The reigning Formula Windsurfing World Champion Micah Buzianis started into the regatta with a frustrating 20th place. But from then onwards he fully complied with his role as a favourite and scored only first and second
places. After the second day he is already in the first position with a
total of 5,4 points. The reigning Formula Windsurfing European Champion is
also on the right track to defend his title. He scored two victories and one
fourth place today. With a total of 6,1 points he is 0,3 points in front of
Ross Williams who was able to win the event on Rhodes last year. On the
fourth position we find Antoine Albeau (FRA-192, AHD, Neil Pryde) from
France with 6,7 points. The top five is completed by Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
(ARG-3, F2, Neil Pryde, 9,7 points) who dropped from first to fifth place

Allison Shreeve scored another victory but in the last women's race Lucy
Horwood (GBR-95, Fanatic, North Sails) from Great Britain was able to score
a victory. The stronger wind was also an advantage for Verena Fauster
(ITA-31, F2, Gaastra) from Austria and Sarah Hebert (FRA-61, Starboard,
Naish). None the less Allison is still clear in the lead with the optimum of
2,1 points. On the second position is Lucy Horwood with 7,7 points in front
of Marta Hlavati (POL-111, Starboard, Severne).

For tomorrow the forecasts predict even stronger wind. So the high wind
experts hope to be able to show their skills in front of the Forum Beach
Hotel at Ialisos Beach. It seems as if the favourites are moving to their
expected positions. But nothing is decided yet as the FW European
Championships are set up as a series of 15 races. But the race committee
plans to run two more races tomorrow to achieve a second discard and will
then split the men's fleet into the Gold Fleet and the Silver Fleet. The
skippers meeting is set for 10:00 with the first start at 11:00. The Formula
Windsurfing European Championships will continue until Saturday, June 11th.

The event is covered on www.euro-cup.org , www.rwa.gr and
www.formulawindsurfing.org. Besides the reports and the results you will
also find a live ticker on www.euro-cup.org and a live cam on www.rwa.gr. So check out the internet!


Hosted by: Municipality of Ialisos, Island of Rhodes
Organized by: Rhodes Windsurfing Academy (RWA)
Supported by: Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Aegean, Southern Aegean
Region, Prefecture of Dodecanese (D.O.T.), T.E.D.K. - PRO.TOUR
Main Sponsors: CONN-X, Hyundai, Oxbow, Boll?, Water Park
Sponsors: Rodos Palace Hotel, Motorola, GA Ferries, Shandy Rock, Rodos Tour,
Colorado Entertainment Center, Naftilos, E.N.AK, Extreme Sports Shops



Micah Buzianis (USA-34, F2, North Sails): "Things are going quite well! I am
perfectly prepared and my equipment is tuned in. But the competitors are

Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10, Starboard, Neil Pryde): "The fight on the water
is hard and there are about ten guys who have the potential to win a race.
The real challenge will begin tomorrow when the Gold Fleet racing begins."

Ross Williams (GBR-83, Starboard, Gaastra):"Whow! This is tight! This is one
of the closest fights I experienced so far. But it is also exciting to have
a competition like this one!"


Contacts and further Information:

Achilleas E. Tzimas (local organizer)
Rhodes Windsurfing Academy
URL: www.rwa.gr
E-Mail: achilleas@rwa.gr

Ceri Williams (Chairman)
International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC)
URL: www.formulawindsurfing.org
E-Mail: FW@internationalwindsurfing.com

Matthias Regber (Director of the Windsurfing Office)
Choppy Water Event Management GmbH
Ma?mannstr. 11, 24118 Kiel, Germany
URL: www.euro-cup.org
E-Mail: info@choppywater.de
Mediaserver: http://www.choppywatermedia.com/downloads

We will provide daily press releases, results, news etc. for the media. We
can also provide high quality pictures and video footage in TV quality from
the event. If you are interested to receive anything of these please feel
free to contact Matthias Regber at the contact address above.


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